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Scott King


I have far more scientific interests than I could ever possibly pursue.  I continue to work on subduction zones, the topic of my PhD thesis.  Ikuko Wada and I are merging equation of state models from the code Perple_X into a compressible convection code in order to study the deformation of subducting lithosphere in the transition zone.   I am currently reevaluating the buoyancy fluxes associated with hotspots calculated by Sleep (1990) using the most recent geoid and topography data.  Pavithra Sekhar and I are working on the evolution of Tharsis rise on Mars trying to explain the spatial and temporal distribution of volcanism on Mars: 1) volcanism occurs in two regions, Tharsis rise and Elysium mons; and 2) the majority of Tharsis rise formed soon after the dichotomy formed and yet the crater ages of lava flows suggest that there has been continued volcanic activity to the present. I am also interested in the thermal evolution of Mercury; mixing and small-scale convection (a project with Henri Samuel); the collision of India and Asia (a project with Lucy Flesch and Eric Calais); understanding the deep mantle through seismology, geodynamics, and electrical methods (joint projects with Ying Zhou and Chet Weiss); and crust and mantle structure beneath eastern North America (a project with Maureen Long, Maggie Benoit and Eric Kirby).  I’m also interested in convection in icy satellites and extrasolar planets but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I was a senior editor for Earth and Planetary Science Letters from 2000-2007, an associate editor for JGR Solid Earth from 1995-1997, and secretary for the Tectonophysics Section of the AGU from 2008-2010.  I chaired Joint Assembly program committee of the AGU from 2001-2004. As part of my thesis, I developed ConMan, a finite element program for 2D mantle convection.  I have been involved in various studies benchmarking numerical methods and have been actively involved in the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics project.


  1. 1.(top left) at CIG workshop on magma dynamics, Columbia University, NY, 2006

  2. 2.(right) Iceland, Mid-Atlantic Rift, 2004

  3. 3.(middle right) with my former PhD student Changyeol Lee (on my right in the picture) and his students from Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea

  4. 4.(lower right) distribution of downloads for the code ConMan from the CIG software repository.

About Me


  1. Professor of Geophysics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, since September 2007

  1. PhD, Geophysics, California Institute of Technology, September 1990

  2. BA (Honors), Geology, University of Chicago, June 1985

  3. BA, Applied Mathematics, University of Chicago, June 1985

  1. Alexander von Humbolt Research Award

  2. University Faculty Scholar, Purdue University

  3. Summer Faculty Research Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory

  4. Green Scholar, Scripps Institution of Oceanography 


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