Commission on Controlled-Source Seismology: Deep Seismic Methods
12th International Workshop
Mountain Lake, Virginia, USA
8-11 October 2003


The CCSS "Deep Seismic Methods"workshops focus on methodological aspects of reflection and refraction seismology as applied to crustal and lithospheric targets. The goal is the development and assessment of improved acquisition, processing, modelling, inversion, integration, and interpretation procedures.

The 2003 workshop was held at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia, USA. The hotel is about 20 minutes from Virginia Tech and Blacksburg VA.

Hosts: John Hole, Virginia Tech and Colin Zelt, Rice University

An article summarizing the workshop was published in EOS:
Hole, J. A., Zelt, C. A., and Pratt, R. G. (2005) Advances in controlled-source seismic imaging, Eos Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union, 86, pp. 177 & 181 (May 3 issue, cover article).

The CCSS is now the WGSIL

The CCSS is(was) a division of IASPEI, the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior. CCSS has recently been re-organized into IASPEI's Working Group on Seismic Imaging of the Lithosphere (WGSIL). The 2003 Virginia workshop was the 12th in a series dating back 35 years. Previous workshops were held in Dublin Ireland (1999), Cambridge UK (1996), Moscow Russia (1993), Kiel Germany (1990), Whistler Canada (1987), Susono Japan (1985), Einsiedeln Switzerland (1983), Park City USA (1980), ? (late 1970's), ? (mid-1970's), and Leningrad USSR (1968).

We are currently looking for a host for the next workshop, circa 2006. Please contact John Hole.

The CCSS Methods workshop series works in parallel with the "Deep Seismix" international workshops also sponsored by IASPEI-CCSS/WGSIL and held approximately every two years. The Deep Seismix workshops emphasize application and interpretation of the seismic methods to image the lithosphere. The Methods workshops are focussed on the techniques and are smaller to best facilitate discussion.


NSF - National Science Foundation (Continental Dynamics Program)
IASPEI - International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior
IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences
Virginia Tech

PROGRAM (with links to online pdf-format extended abstracts)

Wednesday 8 October

Thursday 9 October

Friday 10 October

Saturday 11 October

Other abstracts received

These people cancelled, with regrets, due to last-minute travel complications. Abstracts are available.


Back row left to right: Robert Hawman, Colin Zelt, Igor Morozov, Tamas Fancsik, Kalachand Sain, Attila Kovacs, Bernd Milkereit, Andrew Brenders, Dirk Gajewski, David Snyder, Stefan Buske, Dieter Franke, Charles Hurich, Jan Grobys
Middle row: Gou Fujie, Matthias Imhof, Fuchun Gao, R. Gerhard Pratt, Kathleen Keranen, Shirley Baher, Roman Spitzer, Cemil Gurbuz
Front row: John Hole, Christopher Juhlin, Michael Bostock, Biondo Biondi, Alan Roberts, Bryan Kerr

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